Things to Do When You Are Bored: My Suggestions

Things to Do When You Are Bored: My Suggestions

75 Unusual Things to Do When You Are Bored…

Here are 75 unusual things to do when you are bored. I didn’t want to create a typical list so a lot of these suggestions are bizarre (just a warning), but hopefully, you’ll find something. Yes, this took me a while to come up with. I can be shite at making suggestions at the best of times.


Learn sign language – This is the first on my list of unusual things to do when you are bored, as this is definitely something that a lot more people should take up (me included!). Why not give it a go?

Become an expert in a field of your choice – E.g. in psychology, or a historical period. One of my friends was interested in South American gang culture and it was fascinating to hear about.

Play a sport E.g. golf, darts, badminton, horse riding, ice skating, archery, hockey, snooker, table tennis.

Learn a new language

Watch a new genre of film

Listen to a new genre of music

Create a short film

Write a play script or dramatic monologue

Visit an animal shelter 

Knit or sew

Do some colouring (this is a very therapeutic activity for adults. Just saying.)

Write a bucket list 

Create your own dot-to-dot book

Write out the alphabet down the page, and try to create a short story using each letter as a new sentence

Start a scrapbook

Go bird watching

Do some photography

Try some new and unusual foods – e.g. sushi

Try to learn how to pronounce words backwards

Create your own language

Do some gardening

If you’re into fashion, why not create some new clothes?

Attend art classes  

Or, join a pottery class 

Alternatively, why not attend creative writing classes? 

Try out some online recipes 

Create some mini ice sculptures from home 

Walk your friends’ dogs 

Do some babysitting 


If you’re an artist, try using a different medium  

If you like reading, find a new genre to read 

Go to a car boot sale (loads of bargains!) 

Create your family tree

Research your ancestors

Go to a museum

Visit an art gallery

If you’re a student, join a chat room I love this one. There’s always some random shit in the chat threads – from politics to relationship advice.

Go for a manicure or pedicure

Go to the spa for a massage

Get your hair done 

Go swimming

Make a thoughtful gift for your partner

Learn the tarot

Watch tarot videos for your star sign on YouTube (I always watch Carol’s Universe. She’s so down to earth. I fucking love her!)

Watch Dr Phil or Jeremy Kyle on YouTube

Go shopping

Take an online course

If you’re a writer, try writing in a completely different genre

Write an autobiography

Interview someone on a topic that interests you – E.g. if you’re interested in the experience of single parenthood, talk to single parents!

Go camping

If you’re going somewhere, plan for the trip

Make a list of all the cool places that you want to visit Don’t know where you want to go? Research travel destinations. 

Get a tattoo – Although this is on the list I would think carefully before deciding to do this! Remember, a tattoo is for life.

Go stargazing

Research a topic that you’re not sure aboutE.g. become more aware of social issues and world events.

Download some new games from the Play Store, onto your phone

Make a list of things you want to buy in the near future

Get a new piercing

Go to the arcade

Order a takeaway – I always eat when I’m bored, and food is good, so… Although, I probably shouldn’t be recommending this! Oops.

Play dominos

Create your own jigsaw puzzle

Read some ghost stories – You can start here!

Watch an interesting documentary

Decorate or ‘redesign’ your room – You can look on Pinterest for some ideas.

Sort through your stuff and give away what you don’t need to charity 

Learn how to photoshop  

Design your own jewellery – A few years ago, I went with a family friend and my sister to a place that allowed us to create our own necklaces and bracelets and we had a lot of fun! Maybe you could search for something similar that’s in your local area?

Go bowling

Go rock climbing

Start a blog – If you want to do this, I’ve got loads of blogging tips!

Go for a film spree at the cinema

Go for a day trip somewhere nice


Those of my 75 unusual things to do when you are bored. Some are strange, I know. But hey, I tried! What do you like to do when you’re bored?



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  • Keeley

    This is such a useful post and I’ll definitely do some of these when I’m bored! Thanks xx