Top 30 Netflix Shows to Watch in 2017

Top 30 Netflix Shows to Watch in 2017

Top 30 Netflix Shows to Watch in 2017 

If you’re looking for some new Netflix shows to watch in 2017, then these suggestions may come to be of some use. I’ve mostly included different series that already have plenty of episodes readily available for you to get into – and a couple of films, too. Best of all, I’ve split them into categories, so if you have a specific genre in mind just skip to that section.

Without wanting to create a lengthy introduction, here are the top 30 Netflix shows to watch in 2017 (in no particular order):


Netflix Dramas


How to Get Away with Murder – This show is so, so good and is exactly what it says on the tin! There are two seasons up already and I’m eagerly awaiting season 3. The actress who plays Annalise Keating puts so much emotion into her role; it really immerses you into the show. Annalise is also kickass, and the amount of times her and her group of students get thrown into the deep end is sweat-inducing. If you love a thriller/mystery series with an endless amount of plot twists, then this is for you.


Orange is the new black (comedy drama)Although I haven’t seen this in a while, it’s still a show to remember and the characters are so complex and diverse that it’s worth the watch. To simplify the story by 1000 times, it’s about a girl named Piper who gets sent to prison; she must adjust to prison life and everything that gets thrown at her.

Gossip GirlThis is a light-hearted show about a group of rich kids from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. As promised, there’s gossip, laughter, and lots of teen drama.


Riverdale – I’ve just started watching this and I’m already drawn in to the story. It’s a (not so light-hearted) teen drama surrounding the murder of a high school jock.


A Girl Like Her – This is a drama that’s intentionally been made to look like a documentary. It tackles complex issues such as dysfunctional relationships, bullying and suicide. It follows several key characters who all had a role to play in the events leading up to one girl deciding to end her life. It’s an excellent film that realistically portrays the reality of being bullied by your peers.


Bitten (also fantasy) – This doesn’t seem to follow the cliché werewolf story, although it can be a little bit predictable in that there is a love triangle involving the female protagonist. It’s a show worth at least looking at if you’re into the werewolf genre. The acting isn’t flat and the script isn’t cheesy, as I’d predicted it would be.


Sherlock (also mystery/psychological) – Benedict Cumberbatch is just an effing good actor, getting so into his roles that you forget he’s ‘pretending.’ Sherlock is full of mystery and it’s fascinating to see how the protagonist can connect unrelated facts in order to find the culprits. What I love about this series is how they display the mental process that Sherlock goes through when putting the clues together. If you don’t know what I mean, you will if you watch it. It’s brilliant.


 Netflix Documentaries


Making a Murderer


CowspiracyWant to know just how damaging the meat industry really is in comparison to fossil fuels/greenhouse gases? Watch this.


Audrey & Daisy – This is a well-produced documentary detailing the stories of two female rape victims and their fights for justice.


Netflix Thrillers


ScreamI love this. It opens with a murder and continues to tell the stories of those impacted. One murder soon turns into two, and then three, and no one can guess who the killer is. I have to give the makers of this series credit for keeping you on the edge of your seat, and for making it impossible for you to work out who the serial killer is. It seems that everyone and their mother has a reason for wanting the victims dead, making it hard to single out an obvious suspect.


Hemlock Grove (also Drama/sci-fi)Two words: Bill Skarsgård. The gods must have taken the time to personally sculpt Bill’s face, but apart from that, he is an exceptional actor and plays his character well. This is a strange series that features vampires, witches, and werewolves (and a couple of other supernatural beings), but the complexity and sheer bizarreness of the plot guarantees that it will be nothing like what you’ve seen before.


Van Helsing – It’s 2016 – three years after ‘the reckoning’ – and humanity is facing extinction. Then, a woman who has been in a coma for three years wakes up, only to find that she has unusual abilities. If you don’t like gore or anything that can make you jump, I would suggest skipping out on this one.


American Horror Story (also Horror) – Each season of this show has a different story line, and although I’ve only watched two seasons (season 3 being my absolute favourite), I really like it. When describing AHS, the first words that come to mind are: freaky, horror, awesome, and mind f*ck. Hope that helps. You’re welcome.


Netflix Romance Films


In Your Eyes – This film was cute and not at all cheesy. It’s about two people who can glimpse life through the other’s eyes. I loved it.


Letters to JulietI haven’t seen this one, but I’ve heard good things about it.


Netflix Historical Series


Reign (also Drama; contains romance)I can’t stop watching this. It’s a historical series based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the hardships that she faced during her rule.


The Tudors (also Drama)




Netflix Comedies


Jane the Virgin


Live at the Apollo


Mock the Week


Ali Wong: Baby Cobra I have watched this at least four times, from start to finish. If you’re looking for a good laugh after a hectic day, watch this. I love, love, love her!




Netflix Sci-Fi


Orphan BlackI did not expect this series to be any good, but holy moly, I was wrong. See for yourself.


Stranger ThingsThis is a good series, and although the actors are young, they are certainly excellent. One thing involving Stranger Things that annoys me, is that people think The OA is a rip-off of this show when the two are absolutely nothing alike! Not even slightly. Apart from that, it’s a good series to get into.


Sense 8Just started this, so I can’t say much about it. Although, it looks promising.


Netflix Psychological


The OA (also sci-fi) – I’ve done a separate review of this, that’s how much I love this series! The show is complex and keeps you on your feet. It’s easily the best Netflix series available; I would put this at the top of my list of Netflix shows to watch.


Black Mirror (also sci-fi)


DexterI couldn’t properly get into this, but I can’t deny that it’s a good series and is well written/acted.




So, those are my top 30 Netflix shows to watch in 2017. I wasn’t planning to make the list so big, but there are just so many good series that I couldn’t resist. What are your favourite Netflix shows to watch and why? Feel free to comment them below!

 – Alicia.


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