Things That Bloggers Need to Stop Doing Immediately

Things That Bloggers Need to Stop Doing Immediately

3 Things That Bloggers Need to Stop Doing Immediately

I’m trying to keep this corner of the internet full of positive vibes, but after spending some time within the blogging community, I feel like this must be said. So, here are 3 things that bloggers need to stop doing immediately. As a heads up, I was also partly inspired to create this post by Liv, the author of Petticoats and Patriarchy (please take a look at her website!). She wrote an article with a similar theme, titled, ‘The Truth About the Blogging Community.’ Although it raised some good points, it also received a lot of backlash. I felt that a lot of it was unwarranted…


1) Things that bloggers need to stop doing: criticising

There are many things that bloggers need to stop doing, but this one tops the list. As a disclaimer, I’m aware that not every blogger is like this and I know that there are large parts of the blogging community where there is no such judgement. I am not talking about those individuals. What I have noticed, however, is how commonplace it is to see bloggers openly judging other bloggers, within the community. The worst part is, you get so many people joining in with them! Twitter is a good place to see this if you need any proof.

The judgement usually comes in the form of snide comments or indirect tweets (I must admit, I’ve written a few tweets expressing my distaste for the judgement that goes on within the community so that probably makes me a hypocrite). It just isn’t necessary. A lot of the time, none of what’s thrown out there is even constructive criticism – it’s usually disdain for others expressed along the lines of, ‘this blogger is this,’ or ‘these bloggers need to stop doing that,’ or ‘I hate when these bloggers do ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ when I only do this.’ I used to admire one blogger until I recently encountered them doing the same thing.


The types of things bloggers criticise other bloggers for doing:

Need examples? Well, here they are. These are the types of things that I’ve seen bloggers criticising others for doing:

  • Expressing opinions that are slightly controversial. Liv has said it. No one wants to get down and talk about the important stuff (particularly topics to do with the blogging community). When bloggers attempt to do this, they need to be prepared for attacks left, right and centre (not all, of course).
  • Self-promotion. This is a fine line that all bloggers must walk, which is made very clear within the blogging community. It seems that bloggers are okay with you promoting yourself within the community, but not too much. This is a fair enough point until you realise that everyone’s idea of ‘too much’ differs. You can promote as little as you like, although you can guarantee that it will still be ‘too much’ in someone else’s eyes. You may even hear about it, too.
  • Lack of authenticity. This is a fair statement, and I completely understand where bloggers come from when they say this. But like everything else, it gets thrown around way too frequently. What happened to live and let live? Just ignore it, block it, and move on. Although, it’s interesting how many bloggers are against inauthenticity, yet those bloggers are just as much playing the numbers game as everyone else. Their lack of support for others is what causes the type of inauthenticity that they’re so against, in the first place. I’ve talked about this in more detail a bit later on.


The criticism that makes the least amount of sense…

This is definitely one of the most important things that bloggers need to stop doing – criticising others for wanting success. You heard me. People actually criticise other bloggers for wanting to reach a larger audience.

The fact that this is even a criticism, baffles me. It always will. I’ve heard people stating how blogging should only be done out of passion, and that no one should be focusing quite so much on stats. I don’t know where to start with this. First off, I never hear this argument about any other career path, do you?

Secondly, the bloggers who state this usually only blog for a hobby. They don’t view blogging as a career path for them (which is fine). However, for those of us who would like to one day make a living out of blogging (a girl can dream, hey?), this isn’t a very helpful sentiment.

Let me be clear:

Each blogger will have different priorities, depending on why they blog. It’s not up to one individual to decide what other bloggers should be focusing on. A lot of people don’t take this into account when we all need to take this into account.

If someone blogs purely for a hobby, then that’s fine. If someone blogs purely for stats, then great! Whether you agree with it or not, let them. If someone blogs because it’s a passion for them, and because they want to reach a large audience and make a career out of it, then let them. Each to their own.

P.s., I’ve recently discussed in more detail what I think of blogging for money, so if you’re interested then please take a look!


2) Share and credit other bloggers

As I’ve implied, there is a lot of pettiness and jealousy found within the blogging community. This both stems from and reinforces the competitiveness, which leads to tactics such as refusing to give other bloggers credit for ideas, or even air time. Like I’ve already said, it’s strange how so many bloggers are against inauthenticity, yet those bloggers are just as much playing the numbers game as everyone else. Some of those bloggers may even show little open support towards other bloggers on their social channels. Not to be too catty, but some need to realise that their lack of support for others is what causes the type of inauthenticity that they’re so against, in the first place. Lack of open support = higher levels of competition = more tactics used.

Again, this is not all bloggers. This is not even most bloggers. This is aimed towards those who are hypocritical (I’m probably a hypocrite for even posting this, but I’m just so tired of seeing negative and snide remarks and no one ever says anything). Not helping others is another one of those things that bloggers need to stop doing, immediately. Support other bloggers. Give credit where credit is due. Also, stop being petty and spiteful.


3) Stop being intimidated by other bloggers

This is the final point on my list of things that bloggers need to stop doing. It’s also the simplest.

Stop being intimidated by other bloggers. Know that your blog brings value to a range of people; it’s special because it is yours and you have written it. No one has the same perspective as you. No one has your ‘voice’.  Your blog is as individual as you are and that is enough. It doesn’t need ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ to make it worthy of being read.

A blogger that I used to admire has recently made a similar point. I definitely think that this sentiment needs to be reiterated by all of us.



Having said all of this, I’m aware that this article most likely makes me no better. Heck, it’s titled ‘ things that bloggers need to stop doing ’! However, I feel that more bloggers need to stand up to these people because too many people stay quiet. If you feel the same way as I do, then express your dislike towards the unnecessary criticism, or just refuse to take part in it. Either way, this kind of behaviour isn’t necessary and it needs to stop. A lot of the time, adults are the ones who are doing it – it’s really disheartening to see.

Hopefully, I won’t feel the need to write like this again. It’s certainly not a fun subject to talk about! Please help to spread awareness about this subject, as it’s a problem that’s faced by many when it shouldn’t be. I hope that you can resonate with this. Please let me know!




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