The Gabbie Show: The YouTuber to Follow in 2017

The Gabbie Show: The YouTuber to Follow in 2017

The Gabbie Show: The YouTuber to Follow in 2017…

Who is The Gabbie Show?

For those of you who don’t know The Gabbie Show (Gabbie), she’s a successful YouTuber with over 3.1 million subscribers to date. She started off as a Viner and later moved onto YouTube where she began to post content on a weekly basis. Now, she’s not only a content creator but also a comedian, and is often on tour around the world. I would say that Gabbie is more commonly known for her rants and ‘story time’ videos, which always centre on some ridiculous scenario that most people don’t find themselves in.


What’s so cool about her?

I love The Gabbie Show because she is just one of those people who can easily liven up the room. She’s hilarious, bold, a little bit on the dramatic side (I can’t deny it – but neither does she!). And she’s entertaining af. I also admire for always striving to create interesting and fresh content for her viewers – something that isn’t always easy.

This post is dedicated to her because, all too often, people focus on the creations rather than the creators. In the blogging community, this is more prevalent, but it also happens within wider society. People get hyped over the latest book, film, or newly posted vlog from whoever, without thinking too much about who’s behind it. There’s nothing wrong with this, really, but it’s nice to occasionally celebrate those who are behind the creation. Which is what I’m doing now.

Also, this post is actually something that’s a little bit more light-hearted and fun to share. If I’m being really honest, it also breaks up my blog, as over the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to write more posts centred on blog tips for you (and I’m looking forward to it!).


Why I particularly love The Gabbie Show

I respect Gabbie for several reasons. Not only is her channel entertaining, but she also provides her subscribers with an escape from the real world. When people criticise entertainers for doing what they do as a profession, I genuinely that think they underestimate the importance of entertainment. The world can be a shitty place, and it’s imperative that people have somewhere to go to get away from it. If someone has a crap day at work, sometimes coming home and watching something funny on the TV can be the perfect remedy. This is what The Gabbie Show does. It temporarily distracts from reality.

In all honesty, she’s my most effective go-to when I’m feeling incredibly shit. Her rants really make me laugh, as does her over-the-top; animated storytelling. Have I already said that? I particularly love her ghost stories (she inspired me to write my own!), her rant about her neighbour, and her story about the unusual date that she went on. FYI: if you haven’t watched this last one, you need to. It’s so bizarre. 

She also uses her voice to speak up about important subjects, which is amazing. For example, her recent video talks about the ‘black lives matter’ movement and her take on it. She also makes sure to expose shitty (scamming) companies and is an all-around good person. I’m talking, selling-shirts-on-tour-to-give-money-to-charities, type of good person.


She opens up about her struggles

One thing you’ll learn very quickly after watching a few of her videos is that she is very ‘anti-bullshit.’ She likes to keep things real and is willing to open up to her subscribers on a more personal level, which isn’t something that a lot of YouTubers do. Not too long ago, she even talked about her eating disorder and the struggles that she faced. This was huge, given the amount of exposure that she has. We all know that people on the internet can be cruel, so to post anything even remotely controversial can require a lot of bravery.

Another video that she put up talked about what 2016 was like for her, and she was really honest there, too. In it, she talks about the viral Reddit video that sent a lot of hate her way, and how it impacted her. What surprised me was how she concluded the video. In the end, she stated that although the year had been crap, it had also been amazing to her. From that point, she then listed all of the good things that the year had given to her, and how it had made her that much stronger. The fact that she doesn’t let negative experiences stop her from achieving her goals makes her a strong and admirable person, imo. From this video, I was also able to view my own experiences a bit more positively, which I’m thankful for.


She inspires me

Who isn’t inspired by a successful, independent and hard-working young woman who is out there doing what she loves? Few people, I hope. I want to be like her in this respect, although who knows. Only time will tell.

What’s also important is that she is quick to defend her career as an online creator (see her video: ‘YouTube isn’t a real job’), which I love. It reminds me and a lot of other creatives out there, that our ambitions are valid, worthwhile, and valuable.

The fact that we’re both single af (lol), opinionated, and we both have a very strong dislike towards hateful trolls, is just the icing on the cake. And despite her success, she doesn’t let it go to her head. For all of these reasons, and for so many more, Gabbie is a fucking inspiration and is a good role model for the younger demographic.

Yes, this is more of ramble and I’m aware that it’s all over the place. Sorry not sorry. I just wish that there were more people like her in the entertainment industry. So many of them don’t use their platform to speak on important subjects, or to make an impact in any way. Moral of the story, I love The Gabbie Show.

 Perhaps you should, too?



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