Should I Buy Instagram Likes & Followers?

Should I Buy Instagram Likes & Followers?

Buying Likes & Followers on Instagram – Should I do it?

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Hi guys,

So, I have so much to say on this subject that this will probably be a long post. Don’t let this deter you though! This could be useful for you, you never know…

Let’s get right into it.

Buying likes and followers on Instagram is a common occurrence. In the beauty community, many bloggers have been very vocal in their dislike for buying fake likes and followers. I would go so far to say, though, that it’s widely disliked across the social media platform. Why?

The main argument that I’ve seen against it, is that it is dishonest. For example, if you’re a beauty account and you have 20,000 followers, and you receive an average of 1,000 likes per picture, you are automatically of interest to brands who sell beauty products (because of the large audience that you have attracted). However, let’s say that out of 20,000 of those followers, only 4,000 are real, active users. Out of those 1,000 likes, only a hundred or so are real. If these brands were to contact you and ask to collaborate with you, and you accept, you would be taking money from a company who are giving it to you, with a belief that your audience is much wider than it is.

Put simply, they’re paying for something that they’re not receiving. Which is wrong.

Also, many bloggers on Instagram who have built up organic followings and engagement on their feeds over time, will be angered that these individuals are unfairly receiving what they have not earned.

However, let’s say that you have 20,000 followers and 15,000 are in fact real. You have still bought fake followers, but you have more real followers than fake ones. Is this still okay?

What annoys me is that within the Instagram community overall, this is still considered to be a ‘bad’ thing to do. To a degree, the deception is still there, even if you’re not using your fake likes and followers as a means to gain sponsorships. It’s this deception which may cause you to still receive very harsh judgements from many.

I don’t believe that this second scenario is such a problem, though.

Let me explain:

Instagram is a very large community – with thousands of users joining every day. Becoming noticed is getting more difficult. Therefore ‘boosting’ your account with likes and followers to begin with is not a bad thing, in my opinion. The truth is, numbers matter on Instagram, and if you want to get your foot in the door and you would like to be taken seriously, then more often than not, you will need the numbers to back you up. Giving yourself this boost is not inherently a bad thing, although many will judge you for it, like I said.

I think buying likes and followers on Instagram is a personal decision – although it is one that should be made with careful consideration. Like I said in my last post, it’s also easy for the average Instagram user to spot whether likes or followers are fake, so you must be prepared for any backlash you might receive if you were to go ahead with it and purchase them.

Also, I would think about your intentions.

What are your main reasons for wanting the fake followers and likes? If you want to use them as a means to deceive brands, then this needs to be reconsidered. If you want them to give you a boost, then you may want to go ahead with it. I know that I’m throwing loads of information at you at once, but it should also be noted that increasing your follower count significantly could affect your engagement rate on your feed. For example, if you have 10,000 followers but only 10 likes per picture, then you will be spotted by other users immediately, and you will also be spotted by brands that know what they’re looking for.  This may have the opposite effect of what you want, in terms of being taken seriously, and so it may not be the best option to go for.

Hope this helps! I’ve tried to consider both sides, and now it’s up to you to think about which route you would like to go down.

All the best,

– Alicia

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  • This was interesting to learn. Personally, I want to earn my followers for genuine reasons, like the fact that they “like” my pictures or content on my paage. I’ve had A few say they enjoy my page & it feels incredible! I think”well, its just lil’ ole’ me, what could they possibly like. But I have change my line of thought and know that they do “like” me, for me.😉

    • Hi. Thank you for the input! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be organic, and personally I don’t want to have bot followers either, however each to their own I suppose! Also, I’m sure your followers do like you for you 🙂