Nose Piercings: The Basic Questions and Answers

Nose Piercings: The Basic Questions and Answers

Nose Piercings: The Basic Questions and Answers (Part 1)


My nose piercings were the first and only piercings I ever got. I had the first one when I was seventeen. I wanted to get a piercing that was a little bit less mainstream than simply getting my ears pierced. So, naturally, I chose my nose (even though it was probably just as mainstream as getting your ears pierced at the time, but hey-ho). As my appointment day came around, I was nervous but I was also excited. I did some research on piercings, and I remember frantically searching the internet for articles and posts just like this one. That’s why I thought I’d make one for you guys, to share my experience and to sate your curiosity.

So, here are my answers to some of the most basic questions you might have if you’re looking to get your nose pierced…

How much does it cost?

The first time I got my nose pierced, it cost £15 and the second time around it cost £25. The first time they pierced it with a gun and the second with a needle. That may have had something to do with how much it cost, but mostly I think it’s just down to where you get it done. If you live in England, expect to pay anywhere between £15-£30. I wouldn’t pay much more (or less) than that because you want to make sure that you get it pierced by someone who’s qualified to do so, but you also shouldn’t allow yourself to get ripped off!

How much do the nose piercings cost?

For the first time, a small silver stud was included in the cost and I think that a slightly larger silver (or gold) stud was included in the cost the second time around. When buying studs or hoops at a later date, the price can vary according to the material that the piercing is made from. Expect to pay a little bit more for silver and gold piercings. I managed to grab a bargain in Argos and bought 10 really small silver studs with different coloured gemstones, for the price of £10. However, I also paid about £4 or £5 for a single silver hoop at another shop. It’s worth having a look around to compare prices. Just know that the jewellery may not necessarily be cheaper at the place where you get your nose piercing(s) from.

How long does it take to get your nose pierced?

Not that long. I couldn’t have been waiting for any longer than twenty minutes both times, and I only say twenty minutes because the second time around there was a few people who had to be pierced before me. Getting the piercing itself should take a few minutes, max. You won’t be in there for long!

As for the appointment, it could take days or weeks depending on where you go and how busy the place is. For the first time, I waited about a week and for the second time, I think I just went in and they did it then and there.

What’s the process of getting your piercing once you’re there?

Once you walk in, the piercer will wash their hands and put on gloves before getting out the equipment. Make sure to watch them complete these steps as every certified piercer must conform to this standard of hygiene. If they don’t, then there’s an increased risk that you could get infections or have something passed onto you, if they do pierce you. Also, make sure that the equipment has come out of unopened packaging as that’s how you’ll know that everything is sterile and safe to use.

After they’ve got everything out, they’ll swab the area and draw a marking of where they’ll pierce through the skin. They’ll give you a mirror so you can check that it’s in the right place, and you will have the chance to change the place of the marking if it’s not where you’d like it to be. Then, they’ll attach the piercing to the gun or needle-like applicator and they’ll pierce you. Once that’s done they’ll give you some information on aftercare.

How often will I have to clean it?

I was told to clean the piercing a couple of times a day with warm water and a special type of salt (not regular table salt) which dissolves in the water. They gave me the salt as part of my free aftercare kit. The kit also included a small bottle of tea tree oil which I applied on both the inside and the outside of the area using a cotton swab. I did this once or twice a day. Depending on where you go, they’ll either give you a kit or they’ll have some available for purchase. Once you’ve had your piercing they’ll be very clear on how often you should clean it and they’ll also tell you how to do so, as there are different types of nose piercings that you can get.

Does getting your nose pierced hurt?

This is probably the question that you’re most concerned with. I’m not big on pain at all, but the first time round it didn’t hurt much. It was probably around 3/10 (yes, I graded the experience!) and it was so quick – it almost felt like someone had pinched my nose with their nails, but it lasted for about a second. The next time around, it hurt a bit more and for longer, because it was done with a needle. It was a sharp sting that lasted for five or so seconds and was around a 5-6/10. I think it also depends on your pain tolerance. My sister has had her ears and her nose pierced, and she said that getting her nose pierced hurt much more than having her ears pierced. That might give you some clarity if you’ve had your ears pierced before, but if not then, well…

I would say, though, it hurts more so after it’s been pierced. This is because it throbs and is sore to the touch for about 24-48 hours. For me, it lasted longer. If you want to know why then click here.


So, those are the basic questions answered. I’m going to split this blog post into two because this first part has already reached over a thousand words, and I still need to go through some tips, including where to go to get your nose piercings, and how to speed up the healing process.

I will also be including my personal experience, including the problems I encountered which ultimately led to me having to remove both piercings (not to creep you out, or anything!). If you want to read about that, my next post is already up!

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Hope this helps and thanks for reading! If you have any more questions about nose piercings that haven’t been answered in this post or the next, comment them down below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Until next time,

– Alicia.

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