Music Playlist of 2017: Top Recommendations

Music Playlist of 2017: Top Recommendations

Music Playlist of 2017 – My Top Recommendations

If you’re looking for a new music playlist this year, then you might want to look at some of the suggestions below. I’ve tried to keep it to just 20 tracks, but I got a bit carried away and it’s at almost 30 (sorry-not-sorry). I wish I could say there’s some sort of order to it, but there is none. It’s just what first came to my head, and what I saw on my phone’s music playlist. On the plus side, the playlist is comprised of different genres; it’s not just pop music.

I also couldn’t add the files to create a playlist because my computer is a shite and won’t let me add them, long story short. 

All of the songs below can be found with a quick YouTube search, although I’ve already linked them all because I’m awesomesauce. If there’s nothing that you like, then that’s fine, I won’t be offended! But if there is, comment below which tracks you like.

Finally, if you have a favourite song or artist, also comment them below and I’ll make sure to give them a listen. I’m always looking to find new artists to slightly obsess over. I mean, to listen to…


Music Playlist of 2017:


Melanie Martinez:


Pacify Her


Pity Party (live version here)

Cry Baby

Amber Run:

I Found


Hide and Seek


The Greatest

Elastic Heart




7/11 (a dance that I LOVE can be found here)


Take Me to Church (brilliant cover here)


We’ve Already Won


Can I


Needed Me

Desperado (brilliant dance here)

American Oxygen


Skinny Love

Words As Weapons

The Weeknd:

The Hills


Afterlife (Dubstep)

BT & Aqualung:

Surrounded (Au5 & Fractal Remix)

Clark Kent & Yinyues:

Cosmos (Skrux & Complexion Remix)

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