Love Triangle (s): How to Get Out of One…Fast!

Love Triangle (s): How to Get Out of One…Fast!

Love Triangle (s): How to Get Out of One…Fast!

Love triangles suck. A lot.  

Who’s ever found themselves trapped in that sticky web known as the love triangle? *(Raises hand regretfully).* We’ve all been there. Actually, no we haven’t all been there. To the lucky sods who have dodged this painful bullet, eff you. Not really, but still… My guess is, if you’ve clicked on this, then you are either in one right now, have been in one, or are intrigued by the title and are looking for a laugh. To all three, come on in! I have much to say. Sort of.


No BS here…

First, to whoever (or whatever) invented the love triangle, fuck you. Second, if you’re in one, there’s only one thing that I can say to you. The bad news is, you’re not going to want to hear it. However, the good news is, it will save you a lot of pain. My advice? Get out. You might be thinking, ‘How?’ Easy. Run for the hills.

If you’re smart (and I know that you are), you’ll know that there are no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts.’ Those ‘complications’ that you’re conjuring up in defense as you read this? They don’t exist. If we’re looking at a love triangle in its most basic form (with no extras), then there is no other option but to claw your way out. Sorry, everyone.


Are there any alternative solutions?


Let’s say that you like ‘X’ but ‘Y’ also likes ‘X.’ ‘X’ is unsure with who to go with. Why would you stick around? What reason could you possibly conjure up? ‘X’ clearly doesn’t know what’s best for them, and you don’t want anyone who is unsure of you. Really, you don’t. I’ve just realised how short this blog post is going to be because I have nothing else to say about it. I’m trying to rack my brains for any acceptable ‘what ifs’ but there are none.

If ‘X’ is in a relationship with ‘Y’ (or even you!) then why are you even reading this? Run! You will never find happiness with someone who is already committed to someone else, or isn’t fully committed to you, who doesn’t want to change that. If ‘X’ is with you but there’s even a ‘Y’ in the equation, then you can’t even be fooled by this sentiment. Actions will always speak louder than words. So, if ‘X’ is with you, and promises to end the triangle but doesn’t, leave.

If ‘X’ isn’t with you and won’t decide, leave.

If you are ‘X’, and you can’t decide, leave. It isn’t fair to anyone if you stay. Plus, karma says what goes around, comes around. You don’t want to be trapped in a love triangle, trust me. Especially not one of your own making.


My crappy love triangle experience: 

Feeling disheartened? No fear! Here is an account of my crappy love triangle experience, written for your entertainment. I give you permission to laugh at my expense, but before you do, I want to remind you that you are an amazing individual and you’re worth more than this ‘love triangle’. Much, much more.

One day you’ll find someone who won’t have to think twice about choosing you, and you’ll wonder why you ever felt so cut up about this situation. You might not believe it now, but you will one day…


 Now, for what actually happened…

Okay, so my experience was quite shit and a little bit hilarious. Although, I’m still really cut up over it! Still! It was the most typical scenario ever. I liked ‘X’, but ‘X’ was already with ‘Y.’ I know, I know. I’m an idiot. You know, the only reason I ever even noticed ‘X’ was because they kept looking at me during class. I was anxious about being in any social setting at the time, for several reasons, and I was trying not to freak out at finally being back in a class setting after spending the summer with just my family. I was very aware of who was around me (for all the wrong reasons) and I noticed them. From there, my infatuation grew. I’m trying not to sigh right now.

It’s weird because, before that, I was convinced that I was maybe demi-sexual or asexual because I had never fancied anyone – male or female. Not once had I ever felt that kind of attraction (I was 19 at the time) and it was confusing. When I saw ‘X’ though, welp! Safe to say, I was screwed. I thought the usual – ‘X’ was hot, we’ll be partners, it was meant to be; we’ll maybe get married and have a kid, or ten… blah, blah, blah. All bullshit, obviously.


The results?

Then, I did a crazy thing and told them how I felt. I KNOW. Hear me out, though. Clearly, because I’d never experienced teenage angst in regards to matters of the heart, I was new to all this jazz, and I had to get it out of my system. Better late than never. Just saying.

When I told my mom and sisters, they gave me the same look that you’re probably giving me. The strange thing is though, I knew that it wasn’t gonna happen, so in my head, me telling ‘X’, and ‘X’ rejecting me was a win because then I could cry and move on! Simple! Genius, actually. Ha. Ha. Ha. So I thought. I may have been wrong. It didn’t end well for me. My emotions demanded to be felt much too much. And then ‘X’ told my friend! Who does that?! Talk about reliving high school! Dear, oh, dear. I still really, really like them (how? I barely knew them?!) but moral of the story for all you wonderful readers out there: don’t be like me!

 Something better will come along for you, don’t worry. Forget this love triangle nonsense.


Hugs and squishes,

– Alicia.


P.s. Has anyone heard this song before? When I heard it, I had to purchase it! I love Lia, she’s from the Fine Brothers’ Youtube ‘React’ channel. Such a sweetie!


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