Lifestyle Blog Definition: Both Meanings Explained

Lifestyle Blog Definition: Both Meanings Explained

After typing up ‘lifestyle blog definition’ into Google and taking a look around, I feel like I can now give you a semi-decent explanation of what a lifestyle blog is. I’ve been searching up on this topic a lot quite recently, mainly because I’m trying to hone in on my own niche and discover what it is that I’m best at writing about. So far, I’ve been labelling myself as a ‘fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger’ (EDIT: I now see myself as a lifestyle & advice blogger – mostly lifestyle) simply because I have never liked to be limited in what I write about, and one niche would just be too narrow for me.

Yet, every time I call myself a lifestyle blogger I find myself wondering what it is that I mean. Does it mean that I should just write about what goes on in my life? Or that I should write about anything and everything? Or, does it mean that I can only write about things that don’t belong in any other niche?

If you’re also a blogger who’s struggling to define their subject area, then this might be of some use to you. The first lifestyle blog definition is coming right up…


First Lifestyle blog definition:

So, there are two definitions that I’ve seen pop up during my search. The first, is that a lifestyle blogger is someone who writes about a broad range of topics, without really settling on anything specific. For example, a fashion blogger would obviously write about anything related to fashion, such as where they find their outfit inspo, or what the latest fashion trends are. A beauty blogger would talk more about beauty products – such as their favourite makeup products, and/or where they like to shop for cosmetics. They could also talk about their makeup routine or give step-by-step makeup tutorials, if they’re makeup artists.

A blogger whose niche is anything other than lifestyle is more limited in what they choose to focus on. They only really talk on one topic.

So, going by this first definition, if ‘lifestyle’ is your niche then you can talk about anything – such as your favourite makeup products, music artists that you like and dislike, or even events that are going on in the world. Your subject content will be broad and not really focused upon anything.

For this reason, I’m grateful to the lifestyle niche because it allows me to be able to write about anything whilst still categorising myself. However, due to the second definition, I wouldn’t be comfortable in only calling myself a lifestyle blogger (EDIT: since writing this post, I DO call myself a lifestyle blogger, however, you may still want to read the next point if you’re unsure of what to catagorise yourself as). Here’s why…


Second lifestyle blog definition:

The second lifestyle blog definition is: someone who blogs about life/daily events rather than products.
If you’re like me, and you prefer to dabble in a few ‘other’ niches, then perhaps calling yourself a lifestyle and ‘X’ blogger would be more beneficial. This is because a lot of other niches do cause bloggers to be talking about specific products/commodities related to that niche. So, if you’re calling yourself a lifestyle blogger you might end up confusing those who relate to this specific definition of what a lifestyle blogger is. Therefore, my current title allows me to write about specific products belonging to the fashion and beauty niche, whilst also including more general content that relates to anything that I choose. I would advise others to do the same, but it’s an individual choice and it’s completely up to you on how you brand your content.

So, just to reiterate, the two most frequent definitions of a lifestyle blogger are:
– someone who writes about a broad range of topics, or;
– someone who blogs about life rather than products

It’s also important to note that if you choose to label yourself as just a lifestyle blogger, then it might be slightly more difficult to gain a following if people don’t know straight off the bat what your content is about. Since posts like this exist, it’s obvious that not everyone knows what a lifestyle blogger is (otherwise, you and I wouldn’t have been searching for the definition). This may make someone reluctant to take the time to read your stuff, and oftentimes, it’s you that should create that deciding factor for them.*

At least with a title such as ‘lifestyle and music’, people will have some idea of what you write about. Having to constantly clarify what you write about to anyone who asks is not ideal.


So, that’s it! I hope this has helped, I’m glad that I can now label what it is that I blog about and have a clearer definition of my niches. If you want to know how to become a successful blogger on Instagram, then you can find out how I did it, here. If you found this to be of any help, then please share this and feel free to comment below. Also, I’m more frequently on Instagram, so if you want to check out my account, then click here.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

– Alicia.


*Note: This is just my opinion and of course it won’t apply to everyone. Please do whatever you think is best for you! As mentioned, I’ve already changed my niche!

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