New Year’s Resolution: Tips on How to Keep Them

New Year’s Resolution: Tips on How to Keep Them

How to keep a new year’s resolution…

The concept of, ‘New year, new you’ gets thrown around a lot during the run-up to January, and it’s particularly prominent on social media at this time. Along with it comes many promising themselves ‘fresh starts’ in the form of a new year’s resolution, and it’s easy to see why. After all, what better time to kick-start change?

However, it’s easy to make a promise, but it’s another thing to actually stick to it for a whole year.

So, how exactly does someone keep a new year’s resolution?

Here are some of my tips:

First things first, you have to want it.

You can’t lie to yourself about what you want to accomplish. Don’t say that you want to lose 100Ibs as a new year’s resolution when you know you don’t have the willpower to do so.

Also, as well as being realistic about what it is that you’re prepared to do, it’s good to be very clear in separating what you want from what you think you should want. For example, if your goal is to achieve financial security, then don’t make a promise that you will start your own company and become a millionaire, when that may not be what you wish for. Going by my example, if you want financial security, be clear to yourself about how you want to achieve this. Do you want to start your own company, or do you want to take a course that will get you into a specific line of higher-paying work? A lot of us believe that in order to get something, we have to do ‘A’ when that’s not the case (there’s actually a whole alphabet of different methods!). Think about how you want to get what you want, and the more in line it is with you and your strengths, the more your motivation will increase.

Once you’ve thought about what it is that you want, and how you want to get it, assess whether it’s achievable. If, this year, your new year’s resolution is to become a senior member of a company and earn £30,000 annually, are you able to do so in this amount of time? Are you already in a position that’s high enough to progress on to the position that you want e.g., are you already a manager? If not, is there a lower position that you should be aiming towards getting first? A lot of people set out to make big life changes at the beginning of every year, and then get discouraged when they’re several months in and aren’t at where they thought they would be. Start off slow, and keep in mind realistic goals. This will lessen the likelihood of you calling it quits or becoming frustrated with your progress.

Next, you should make an in-depth, (step-by-step) plan of how you’re going to achieve your new year’s resolution. You can make it as detailed as you want. I tend to go all-out when I have something that I want to accomplish within a given timeframe, as I’m just like that. It also solidifies my determination and makes me feel more confident that things will work out the way that I want them to, which doesn’t hurt. If you’re like me, then you really shouldn’t skip this step – ideally, no one should skip this step, although a lot of people do. It’s also good to go a step further and list the things that could go wrong. With that, you should write up any backup plans for what to do when any of these unplanned events occur – that way, you’re never thrown off track. It’s good to have a plan A, B, and C.

However, I would also say, don’t be disheartened if something unexpected occurs and you haven’t planned for it. While a lot of us really do try, no one can predict everything. Never stress if something that you never could’ve guessed comes up, and always keep going – even if things don’t progress at the rate you want them to because of it (although this isn’t always a side-effect) – progress is still progress.

It also helps to find things that make you want to achieve your new year’s resolution– whether it’s inspirational quotes, songs, or personal success stories. Have them on hand or close enough so that they’re there if needed. We all need motivation at some point, and it really helps to look at motivational things on a daily basis. If you find yourself that little bit more positive about your goals when you see some inspirational quotes on Facebook, then have your favourite quote as your phone wallpaper. You could even save a number of them on my phone and change your wallpaper to each one, every week or so, to switch it up. If you do better when your friends or family cheer you on, ask them to remind you every day that you can do it. You can get creative with this, and don’t be afraid to.

To further ensure that you stick to your new year’s resolution, you should write a list of pros for why you’re going at the pace you’re going at. If you want to lose weight and are going to gym twice a week, then say why you’re going twice a week: e.g. you have a social life, and you want to start out slow to not overwhelm yourself. If you are starting out at a faster rate (and you know that you can maintain this) then write out the pros as to why so you’re going a bit faster, so that you don’t lose determination: e.g. ‘going to the gym four times a week enables me to distract myself from certain things going on’; ‘I want more “me” time; I need constant stress relief’ etc. That way, at whatever rate you start off at, you will feel reassured that this is the right thing for you.

Finally, remember that if, despite all of this, you’re really unhappy with something – whether it be your goals, how you’re working towards it, or even the hours that you’re putting in, know that it’s okay to adjust what you need to. If your plans aren’t working, then perhaps see if any of them have something in common. Sometimes it might be this common factor that’s not making any of them work for you. If so, then don’t be afraid to change it up or become more flexible in your approach, and re-plan. Either way, there is never just one or two ways of going about something, and you should always adjust to make something fit you.

If you do this, then hopefully your new year’s resolution should be easier to reach, and you’ll be much happier.


These are just my tips for how to stick to new year’s resolutions; I’m hoping that they’ll work for you. If you found this helpful, or you know someone who should read this, then please share this link, and help spread the word!

I appreciate you taking your time to read this, so thank you. Also, if you have any more tips on how to keep a new year’s resolution, feel free to comment them below. If you want to reach me on social media, Instagram is your best bet! Simply click here.

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– Alicia.

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