Grow your Instagram: The Ultimate Tip for Success

Grow your Instagram: The Ultimate Tip for Success

Grow Your Instagram: The Ultimate Tip for Instagram Success…   

I should start by saying that there is only one tip on how to grow your Instagram, really. Well, one that I think is the most important. It’s quite simple but it often gets overlooked. The truth is, to significantly grow your Instagram you need to be original. Very, very original. Before you click the back button, please hear me out.

By spending a lot of time on the social media platform, I have managed to grow my Instagram following at a fairly quick rate. However, I probably could have increased it a lot quicker; sooner, if I’d just been more original with what I was posting. Also, I need to be clear and state that gaining followers isn’t the same as keeping them. Me being unimaginative with what I was posting has made it harder for me to keep followers.

You might be wondering why this is.

Well, if you’re posting the same stuff that hundreds of others are posting, then there’s nothing to stop your followers from getting your feed elsewhere. For example, if you religiously post pictures of books or makeup lying against a white background, then you’ll be up against a lot of other users who do the same thing. Some of those users will do it a lot better than you. That’s not a nice thing to hear, but it’s true. If a user can get the exact same content (posted at a higher quality) from somewhere else, then why would they stick around?

Grow your Instagram; be bold and daring

Before I continue, I need to say that although I’ve labelled this as the ‘ultimate tip,’ it is by no means 100% certain. I’m sure that there are hundreds of cases where this will be proven wrong, and that’s okay. You don’t have to agree with what I’m saying; this is just an alternative viewpoint for you to read and consider.


Things can quickly become overdone – Instagram themes, I’m looking at you. That’s not to say that themes don’t always work. They can and do. Although, it’s better to stand out.


If you’re posting content that no one else is posting, then you have less competition. If you can offer people something that no one else can provide then people will be much more likely to follow you over someone else.

Take @aliencreature for example. She started Instagram during early 2013, and a lot her photos are uniquely composed. It’s resulted in her having over 1 million followers. I’ve seen more recent accounts post pictures almost exactly like hers, but they don’t have anywhere near the number of followers or exposure that she has. My guess is that some of these users may be imitating her style (not all but some). This isn’t a terrible thing, and I’m not criticising anyone for doing this at all! However, imitation means that the style is no longer inventive or original.

It’s this refreshing and unconventional approach that attracted users to @aliencreature. That was her advantage. Her posts were different.

Adaptation over imitation

Imitation gives you little advantage over another account that’s like yours, especially if there are more established accounts that have been doing the exact same thing, but for longer.

Adaptation over imitation is better, as you’re essentially putting your own twist to something. Other users might have a hard time finding your style elsewhere if you’ve adapted a less unique style and have ‘made it your own.’ You don’t have to go completely crazy with it, either.

Ideas for creating a bold and innovative Instagram feed

Creating something unique can be as simple as finding unusual angles to take pictures from, or using an atypical colour theme – like rainbow colours, or gold and silver. You could take pictures of bizarre and out of place objects, or position multiple objects together to create a highly unusual feed. Or, you could take varied lifestyle snapshots (not just the typical meal layout or street shot). To further add your personal touch, you could add lengthy captions with your posts or an uncommon filter. Or, if you have an alternative style of fashion or appearance then showcase that.

It’s up to you.

The more bizarre it is the more memorable.

Final thoughts

I’m still uncertain as to what my feed will end up looking like, but I want it to be different. It’s definitely a work in progress. Some of you might be like me; I’m never going to have a super crazy feed (try as I might) because I’m just not that good at photography. I’m learning to accept it and if this applies to you, then you should too. Instead, perhaps focus on the type of pictures you take – what’s in the photos – as opposed to how ‘well’ you take them. That’s where your strength may lie.

Don’t play it safe

At the end of the day, if you’re using Instagram to display your creativity (like I am) then sticking to the ‘same old’ will inevitably limit that inventiveness. Instead, be original and be bold. This tip isn’t foolproof, but if you’re struggling to grow your Instagram then look at what you’re posting. The answer may lie there.

Let me know how it goes for you, and whether or not you agree with what I’ve discussed. I’m very interested to hear your opinions so do share! Thank you so much for reading this far, I appreciate it.

Finally, do you have any tips on how to grow your Instagram? What makes an Instagram account stand out to you?

– Alicia.


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  • This is the most original Instagram growth blog post I have ever read. Most of those are only about great filters, hashtags, times and all that jazz. I love how you said that it is important to be bold. I think with Instagram we need to either go in or go home if we want to see a significant success. Thank you for your tips!

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    • Thank you! Yeah, I’ve read so many posts containing those pointers, and I wanted to give a slightly different suggestion. I know this tip is by far the most original, but I find that it really gets overlooked – and if you’re bold, then people take notice! So I thought it made sense to talk a bit more about that :). I’m glad you enjoyed, and thank you for the comment! x

  • Emily Ferrer

    So helpful, thanks so much! I’m useless on instagram at the moment so I’m hoping that’ll improve haha!

    Much love Em x (

    • Aw, you’re welcome! Instagram can be really tricky, but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it! (I’m still trying, haha) Thank you for taking the time to read this, it’s appreciated! – Alicia x

  • Estrella

    The struggle is real when growing an Instagram following. I feel like an account grows bigger when it has a message that people can relate to, regardless of if the pictures are good or not. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful accounts out there with wonderful photography that the competition is very steep. But I do agree with you, originality is key.

    • This is such a thoughtful comment, and honestly, I’d never looked at it that way! That’s so true about there being a LOT of competition, though. I think it will get harder as more people join the platform. It’s very difficult to gain that exposure. Thank you so much for commenting. x