Ghost Stories: Are Ghosts Real? Personal Encounters…

Ghost Stories: Are Ghosts Real? Personal Encounters…

Ghost stories: Are ghosts real? My personal encounters (part one)…

Ghost stories. I know, it doesn’t quite fit in with my other posts, but after my last discussion, I thought it would be better to make this next topic much more light-hearted. Plus, I really don’t want to have a particular ‘type’ of post, so why not write about something as fun as this? It was one of the better suggestions that I came up with, in my defence.

Some of you may have your own, but here’s my personal collection of ghost stories for all of you believers out there (and sceptics). Take from them what you will. I believe that they were real encounters, but who knows? As we all know, I’m not the most reliable witness out there, let’s face it.


Various encounters

There are nine experiences that I’ve had during various stages in my life, and they’re all quite bizarre. For a couple of them, I have other people who can corroborate what I’m saying, as they experienced the same thing. The tenth experience is one that my sister had, and the eleventh story one is kind of a ‘bonus.’ It’s not like the other ghost stories mentioned, but it’s still unusual.


Getting on to the ghost stories…

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it?’ Yeah? Well, I saw it. We both did. This experience took both myself and my close friend (at the time), by surprise. ‘Carly’ and I were only seven when it happened, but I promise that this hasn’t been fabricated! We were sat at the kitchen table playing with toys, with our cups next to us. Out of nowhere, one of the cups moved across the table, I think it was mine. Neither of us had touched it, and when we saw it moving we both froze. It quite literally had slid across the table in front of us, slowly. Both cups were stood upright.

When it stopped, we both got up and rushed into the living room to tell her mom. Of course, because we were so young she didn’t believe us. Instead, she told us that because the cup had a little bit of water in it, it must have caused it to move (even today, I’m still not sure what she meant. Maybe she thought that we’d placed the cup on its side and it had rolled?).


I saw a young boy in his mid-teens

The second story is one that occurred when I was a little bit older. In fact, the next few ghost stories came about when I lived in this same house. It’s quite short in that one morning, I’d woken up and was lying in my bed when out of nowhere, I saw this face above me. It was the face of a young boy in his late teens, and I couldn’t see anything below the top half of the neck.

I promise you, he looked as real as the next person in terms of facial features and facial expressions. It was as if he were a real person, that’s how life-like he looked. One exception is that he had very pale white skin, but that’s about it. He had dark brown eyes, short brunette hair that looked like it had been jelled to one side at the front, a small nose, and nice teeth. Yes, you read the correctly.

When I was looking up, his face just appeared. He went cock-eyed and then he turned his head and smiled as if someone were standing next to him. Then he disappeared. I was probably still for ages, as I was a bit confused about what had just happened. I wasn’t scared, though, which is weird. Probably because I hadn’t expected it.


As a disclaimer…

Despite what I talk about here, I believe that during these occasions what I was experiencing was real. Although, that could quite obviously be up for debate. There are three reasons for this. First, despite my other experiences, I’ve never seen anything as graphic as what I saw on these separate occasions. My other experiences were nothing like these occurrences in any way – in terms of what I was seeing and hearing. Those other experiences felt very believable at the time, but they were also more hazy and unclear. Also, other previous experiences had always had a dreamlike state to them. These did not.

Finally, I have collaborating evidence (for the first story, but also for another one which will be told later on).


Ghost stories continued

These next few ghost stories are a little bit shorter, so for the sake of not boring you, I’ll be as concise as possible (by the way, these also happened in the same house as in the previous story). One time, I was getting dressed and as I left my bedroom and walked towards the stairs, I saw a figure of a boy dressed in old-fashioned clothing. He was standing in my brother’s doorway. It’s hard to explain the layout of the house, but there were three rooms, and my brother’s room was right next to the stairway. His doorway was parallel to the staircase, which means that I got a good enough look of the boy.

In all honesty, he fit the same description as the boy I saw as I was lying in bed. This doesn’t surprise me, seeing as it happened in the same house. He had a white shirt on with brown, knee-length shorts. I think he also had knee-length socks on. He was very pale, with brown hair and he was quite tall. I think he was almost as tall as the doorway. When I was younger, I couldn’t describe this next bit but he also looked like he was squaring himself up, if that makes sense? His stance was not very relaxed, and I remember him staring straight ahead; not looking at me.


Creepy much?

I remember not acknowledging what I’d seen until I’d reached the bottom of the stairs. Although I was a bit freaked out, I wanted to go back up and have another look but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Another time, I was walking out of my room again to go downstairs and I saw a finger beckoning me to go into my mom’s room. My brother’s room was parallel to the staircase, but my room and my mom’s room were right next to each other; the doorways to our rooms were perpendicular to the staircase. It’s hard to explain, but my mom’s room formed a right angle, so you went in through the doorway and then turned right to go into the rest of the room. There was a wall that this figure was standing behind to shield the rest of him from view. Again, like this other boy (perhaps it was the same person?), his finger was very pale.

This is going to make me sound like an absolute weirdo, but when I saw that I bolted down the stairs as fast as I could – but not for the reason you think! That same day, I’d watched a dinosaur documentary and the reason I’d bolted was because I honestly thought that this finger was a dinosaur horn. I wish I were joking! Typical me: I see a ghostly finger beckoning for me to go into my mom’s room, and the first thought that came into my head was, ‘it’s a dinosaur!’ Oh dear.

Another time, I was in my room doing something and I thought I saw a boy standing by the staircase, wearing a white shirt, from the corner of my eye.


I’m going to have to split this post into two

It looks like I’m going to have to make this post part one of my ghost stories, as it’s already over a thousand words and I’m only about halfway! What can I say? I’ve had a lot of unusual experiences. Don’t worry, though, because I’ll have the post up in a few hours, or tomorrow, depending on how long it takes me to write. In fact, I’ll start it immediately after I’ve posted this one, and I’ll try my best to get it up in a few hours. How about that?

What I will say, though, is that these stories are tame in comparison to what’s coming up! I have definitely saved the best until last! If you want freakier ghost stories, then make sure to read part two.

Do you have any ghost stories? I would LOVE to hear them! The creepier, the better! I’ll be writing part two shortly after I’ve posted this.



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