Getting Rid of Spots: Best Solution

Getting Rid of Spots: Best Solution

Getting rid of spots: Best Solution

I thought I’d write another advice post because I haven’t written that many, and seeing as spots affect everyone (damn you, spots!), I thought I’d write a little something on how to tackle them. Yes, that’s exactly how I came up with this idea – no in-depth planning on what to write about involved! No, seriously!

Before I list my oh-so-handy tricks for getting rid of acne, please bear in mind that I am not a ‘spot guru’ by any means, and these are only solutions that have worked for me, personally. Therefore, I can’t guarantee that they’ll work for you, but there’s no harm in trying them out for yourself! Oh, and also, these tips are by no means unheard of. They’re not wacky or unusual. Sorry.

With that said, let’s get down to it…

Tip number one – Use treatments. There are a couple that I used when I was breaking out particularly badly, and they were, ‘Clear skin: Clear emergency’ which is sold by Avon, and the more commonly known, ‘Clean and Clear’ spot gel. The latter claimed to give you clearer skin in three days. Only use them as often as they say to, though!

Tip number two – Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. One way to do this without being too harsh on the skin is to just use a flannel to wash the face with, once or twice a day. Certainly, no more often than that. Spots tend to appear when the pores get clogged, so removing all the dead skin cells and anything else that’s left on the skin, on a regular basis, will reduce the chances of you breaking out.

Tip number three – When washing, use lukewarm water – not too hot or too cold. Either extreme can make your acne worse. *

Tip number four – Don’t pick! I am one of the worst when it comes to this. If I see a spot, that son of a you-know-what is going down when I get in front of my bathroom mirror. However, this can cause scarring and is not the way to go if you want smooth, clear skin. Moral of the story: don’t be like me and keep your hands away from your face!

Tip number five – Don’t put on makeup or other skin treatments, such as cream that isn’t specifically designed to get rid of spots. Again, these products can block your pores and cause you to break out. I know this isn’t ideal – particularly if you regularly wear make-up – but remember that everyone gets spots and you don’t need to cover them up with foundation or concealer. If you are breaking out, I would only say to put something on your skin if you have dry skin, and you want to moisturise. Other than that, it’s probably best to avoid putting any products on your face.

Tip number six – This has always been something that has worked for me in getting rid of spots: Drink at least a litre of room temperature water, daily. Staying hydrated can and will flush out any unwanted substances within the body. I noticed a huge difference in how clear my skin was when I was drinking at least a litre of water a day – and this worked all throughout my teens, right up until now. My skin is usually dry and oily, but when I was staying hydrated, it wasn’t either. I also had no spots. Okay, maybe I had a few small ones occasionally, but other than that, I had none.

Room temperature water is also better at detoxing the body than cold water, apparently. However, I know that water is kind of really bland (sorry, water), so I usually drank sparkling flavoured; sugar-free water or I had sugar-free squash to dull water’s bad taste. Yes, to me, water does have a taste, okay? This would be my number one tip because it is by far the most effective, but I’m too lazy to reshuffle these points around, so it will just have to be tip number six. Sorry-not-sorry.

Tip number seven –  I had to research this tip to make sure that I wasn’t just throwing a load of myths at you. Interestingly, this tip actually came up as a myth when it comes to getting rid of spots, but bear with me. Although there’s not any evidence to suggest that diet directly affects acne, I have always noticed that the more sugary and oily foods I eat, the worse my skin gets. Always. So, if you’ve also noticed this pattern with yourself, then it’s best to go with my final tip: avoid eating loads of oily or sugary foods, such as chocolate or fast foods. I would’ve said that the oils in the foods you eat make your skin greasier, thus resulting in acne, but apparently, this may not be so. Nevertheless, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Don’t you think?

Tip number eight – If all else fails, go to your GP. They may be able to give you some stronger creams that can help get rid of your acne. One of my sisters had to do this when it got really bad for her, so it’s better to go than to not.


That’s it! Those are my somewhat short and boring tips to getting rid of spots. Whilst they aren’t the most original (I did warn you), they have always done the trick for me, so hopefully they may work for you too. What’s the most unusual tip you’ve heard for getting rid of spots? Make sure to comment them down below so I can take a look! Also, if you have Instagram, you can find me here. Make sure to come and say ‘hi!’

As always, thank you for reading.

Until next time,

– Alicia.

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