Blogging: What Drives Me to Do It?

Blogging: What Drives Me to Do It?

Blogging isn’t something that I’ve ever seriously done until now, and I like to think that I blog for a few different reasons.

First things first, I’ve always been into writing fiction, ever since I was about 12. Blogging isn’t so different. I remember reading one of Jacqueline Wilson’s books – ‘Girls in Love’ – and I liked it so much that I chose to have a go at writing myself (after I’d read the book from cover to cover at least four times, of course).  The first story I’d written was called, ‘Dear Diary.’ I remember basing one of the characters off a childhood friend, and it was a whopping 80 (A4) pages long! I’d considered it a novel at the time and I remember it filling an entire notepad up as the story ended.

As I got older, hobbies came and went, but writing stayed. I’ve always had an interest in Art too, and I studied it at GCSE during high school. It sounds weird, but I’ve always thought that I would become someone who would be successful at any creative career I chose to pursue. And about 99% of the time, I imagined that career to be writing.

So, that’s one reason as to why I started blogging. During university, I struggled a little bit and I decided to drop out after I’d completed the first year (I bet you can guess what degree I’d taken). It was during that time I realised how much I didn’t want to be stuck in a full-time office job, working 9-5.

After I dropped out of my course, I spent a lot of my spare time on Instagram and I came across a lot of bloggers who’d become successful in their creative pursuits. I decided that I wanted to have a lifestyle similar to what they’d built for themselves. I wanted a life where I could be successful for being imaginative, which is something that I’ve always been. Therefore, I made the decision to create my Instagram beauty account (@serenitylifeblog) shortly afterwards. If you want to know how I managed to get a following in a fairly short space of time, then click here

Instagram has always stood out to me in that it’s a very visual platform. I can express 100% of my work visually, and I’ve never been restricted in how I could go about doing this. Naturally, upon further research, I also found out that a lot of these content creators and influencers had increased their exposure through their online blogs, so that’s how I formed the idea to start blogging. It’s essentially became an extension of my social media account, and has enabled me to combine two of my biggest passions into one – digital art/photography and writing. I’ve never considered myself a photographer, but I like how I’m able to take pictures and create unique flat lays, for example. Both of which display my individual perspective and allow me to be artistic in my approach.

I am still trying my best to create a life for myself that allows me to earn a living out of doing what I love. That way I can go out and see the world, and make time for myself and for those who are important to me. If I’m successful within the world of blogging, I will also be able to do things on my own terms as I would effectively be my own boss.

Finally, I would say that another reason as to why I decided to start blogging is because this is an interactive platform. Here, I can share my thoughts with all of you readers and I’m able to receive constructive feedback at any time. On other social media platforms, such as Snapchat or Facebook, I’m just not able to do that. Also, here I can gain insight into what you all think of my creative works, which is an amazing opportunity to have!

That’s all I can think of, really. If you blog, what are your reasons for doing so? Be sure to comment them below so I can take a look. Thanks for reading this very average blog post, and hopefully you’ll be joining me on my next post.

Until then,

– Alicia.

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